The Governance Report 2016

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The Governance Report 2016
Autor: Hertie School Of Governance
ISBN: 0198757433
Verlag: Oxford University Press
Jahr: 2016
Seitenanzahl: 209 Seiten
Medienart: Taschenbuch
Preis: 13,00 EUR
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Infrastructure is a fundamental driver of economic growth and social development. Yet, unmet investment needs coexist with 'white elephants' and 'bridges to nowhere', while major construction projects face huge cost overruns and citizen protest. The governance of infrastructure is already complex, involving a wide array of stakeholders and strategies. Drawing on novel survey data and case studies from around the world, The Governance Report 2016 examines the capacity of public administration to manage infrastructure investments, highlights governance innovations, and provides guidance for public governance of infrastructure. The Report offers information, analysis, and tools for policymakers, practitioners, and academics interested in infrastructure and other large-scale projects.

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