Seminar Project Leadership, Management and Communication (English)

Nutzen: Seminar "Project Leadership, Management and Communication (English)"

You will learn how to:
• Better lead project teams through more effective
• Identify motivational value systems to improve
productivity and cooperation
• Recognise the role of business and personal ethics
in leadership
• Describe predictable change stages and identify
appropriate leadership strategies for each stage
• Utilise a powerful four-stage collaborative negotiation
• Create a leadership development plan to implement
when you return to work


23.10.2017 bis 25.10.2017
Preis (inkl. MwSt.)
1.950 EUR
Sonderkonditionen für Abonnenten
5% für Leser des Projekt Magazin bei Angabe des VIP Codes "PROJMAG-5"


TwentyEighty Strategy Execution
Speicherstraße 59
60327 Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland
Tel. +49 (0) 69/244 327-3795
Fax +49 (0) 69/244 327-4795

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This course is intended for all project managers and prospective project managers, especially those who want to improve their “soft skills”.

Inhalt: Seminar "Project Leadership, Management and Communication (English)"

Project Leadership, Management and Communications will enable you to learn key leadership competencies and transform your skills as a leader.
During this course you will complete a self assessment of your skills and master the vital components of leadership such as; setting direction, aligning people, motivating and inspiring, leading teams, communicating, building relationships, facilitating ethical conduct, and negotiating and leading change.
You will create and refine a personal leadership vision, work on strengthening your leadership competencies and develop your personal leadership plan. Learn to empower and energise yourself and others, and deal with motivational differences.

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