Managing Project Delivery

Maintaining Control and Achieving Success

Managing Project Delivery

Maintaining Control and Achieving Success

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Managing Project Delivery

Melton, Trish
Butterworth Heinemann
43,95 €; 49,95 $


A practical handbook for career project managers and those involved intermittently with projects throughout their career. Brief and visually led, Managing Project Delivery gets to the point, giving you the knowledge and confidence to manage project benefits and increase the certainty of success. Focused on the needs of engineering and technical Project Managers, but generic enough to support projects in other areas such as business change, IT and product development. Supported by downloadable on-line project benefits management tool templates that enable the techniques developed in the book to be applied in practice. Comprehensive real world case studies demonstrate the use of tools.

Successful projects are the basis for the business many successful organisations, but many professionals lack the basic skills required to manage projects successfully. This book shows how to maximise the outcomes of projects and to ensure that the benefits arising from projects -- large or small -- are fully realized by the business. This key outcome can be easily overlooked or sidelined by the need to keep projects on track. Managing Project Delivery provides simple yet powerful tools to ensure that projects deliver on their goals in a controlled and accountable manner. It is the first of four project management titles that separately build skills and together provide a powerful project management resource.


Project managers and project engineers in technology, engineering and process industry sectors; APM and PMI students; MBAs and Masters students


Dr. Trish Melton is the Managing Director of MIME Solutions Ltd, a UK based Project Management Consultancy. She has worked with organizations including AstraZeneca and GSK, and operates globally for clients in both manufacturing and service sectors.

Dr. Peter Iles-Smith has 20 years experience in manufacturing automation projects in the oil and gas, chemical and pharmaceutical industries from both the vendor and user perspective.

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