Interview with Frances Scarff, AXELOS Ltd.

PRINCE2 and Global Best Practice – Product Strategies of AXELOS

With an ambitious strategy AXELOS Ltd., the new owner of the British Global Best Practice portfolio, wants to achieve strong growth for its certification products amongst which PRINCE2 and ITIL are the most well-known items. In order to prevail in the market of project management certifications AXELOS has started several activities as e.g. a Global Partner Programme addressing organisations that want to forster the Global Best Practices. Dr. Georg Angermeier interviewed Frances Scarff, Product Development Director of AXELOS, about the strategies AXELOS is going to pursue in order to achieve its ambitious objectives.

PRINCE2® and ITIL® are the most well-known products in the Global Best Practice portfolio. Other products include "Managing Successful Programmes" (MSP®), "Management of Portfolios" (MoP®), "Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Offices" (P3O®) and "Management of Risk" (M_o_R®). The portfolio was owned up to July 2013 by the Cabinet Office. Up to June 2010 the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) had been the owner of the Global Best Practice portfolio. OGC then became part of the Efficiency and Reform Group (ERG) that sat within the Cabinet Office. In 2013 the British government decided to set up a public-private joint venture to manage the intellectual property and called for proposals.

The British company Capita plc won that competitive bid (Jellinek, 2014). On July 1st 2013 Capita plc and Cabinet Office founded the joint venture AXELOS Ltd., of which Capita holds 51% share. AXELOS now owns the intellectual property and is responsible for maintaining and developing the products.

Through effective collaboration, professional qualifications – based on the whole Global Best Practice portfolio – are offered by Examination Institutes (EIs). Currently there are six EIs that have extended their contracts for three years from January 2015. All EIs are accredited by AXELOS and are permitted to operate an examination scheme through a network of Accredited Training Organization (ATOs), who deliver accredited training courses.


On 1 July 2013 "AXELOS" was announced as the new Joint Venture company that the British Cabinet Office had formed to promote and grow the UK Government's portfolio of Global Best Practice accreditation and publishing services, including ITIL®, PRINCE2® and the other products concerning portfolio, programme and project man-agement. AXELOS now owns the intellectual property of the whole Global Best Practice portfolio and will build on the current business activities and develop products in new areas. The organization also has an ambitious programme of investment and growth, and the primary focus will be on stimulating the growth of training, consultancy and examination organizations. Latest news from AXELOS can be found on their website or if you have specific queries, requests or would like to be added to the AXELOS mailing list please contact

On behalf of Projekt Magazin Dr. Georg Angermeier talked with Frances Scarff, Product Development Director of AXELOS, about the changes this development entailed and what strategies AXELOS is going to pursue in order to achieve its ambitious objectives.

Frances Scarff

Frances Scarff At AXELOS, as the Product Development Director, Frances is responsible for leading the organization in research for new products, product enhancements and product re-design. This includes evaluating the potential and practicality of products in development and relies on extensive experience and judgement to accomplish AXELOS' goals. Frances started her career as a computer

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