Project Manager's Handbook

Applying Best Practices across global Industries

Project Manager's Handbook

Applying Best Practices across global Industries

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Project Manager's Handbook

Cleland, David L. and Ireland, Lewis R.
McGraw Hill Professional
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Discover How Project Management Is Used to Launch and Manage Various Types of Projects Throughout the Industrial World

"Project Manager’s Handbook" presents a wealth of detailed examples that show how project management (PM) is used to launch and manage projects in many different industries around the world. This reference takes a best-practices approach to PM that includes "challenges and solutions," "lessons learned," and "what might have been done differently" for each example. Written by a team of experts, the Handbook enables you to compare similarities and differences in PM practice from industry to industry and is sure to provide insights that may be essential to the success of your next project.


Table of contents

Part 1: Examples of Projects Found in Specific Countries
Chapter 1: Software and Other Project Management Practices in India
Chapter 2: The Sydney 2000 Olympic Games
Chapter 3: Project Management in Aotearoa (New Zealand)Chapter 4. An Evaluation of Major Infrastructure Projects in France: A "Project Finance" Perspective
Chapter 5. The Role of Project Management in Spanish Projects
Part 2: Examples of Projects from Specific Environments
Chapter 6. Managing Projects Financed by International Lending Agencies
Chapter 7. Managing Transitional Projects
Chapter 8. Managing Projects in Health Systems
Chapter 9. Managing International Project Management Training
Chapter 10. Cross-Cultural Project Management on Major-Sized Global Oil and Gas Plant Projects
Part 3: Project Management Government Organizations
Chapter 11. Elements of Successful Project Management at the National Institute of Standards and Technology
Chapter 12. Project Management Success at the Central Intelligence Agency
Chapter 13. Strategies and Results in the Design and Implementation of a Project Management Program for a State Government
Chapter 14. Evaluating Project Management Effectiveness of Boston Big Dig and Three Gorges Dam in China
Chapter 15. Project Risk Management for Alaska Oil and Gas Capital Projects
Part 4: Project Management Organizational Functions
Chapter 16. Legal Considerations in Managing a Nuclear Plant Decommissioning
Chapter 17. Using Integrated Project Management to Improve Outsourcing Strategy and Business Results
Chapter 18. Connecting Projects to Corporate Strategy
Chapter 19. PMO Creation Within Financial Services Companies
Chapter 20. The Evolution of Project Office and Portfolio Management at American Modern Insurance Group, Cincinnati, Ohio
Part 5: Remedial Projects
Chapter 21. A Faith-Based Response to Catastrophic Disaster: An Overview of Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Planning and Logistics in Hurricane Katrina
Chapter 22. The Firefly Fiasco: A Case Study in Project Management Failure
Chapter 23. Lessons Learned Always Have a Price Tag
Chapter 24. China's Shenzhou Spaceship Project
Part 6: The Theory and Practice of Project Management
Chapter 25. Project Management in Connection to Entrepreneurship and Network Organizations
Chapter 26. Project Management Certification: Frequently Asked Questions and Experiences of the Project Management Community
Chapter 27. The Chief Architect and the Art of Project Management
Chapter 28. The Tao of Nimble Project Management: A Real World Approach
Chapter 29. Advancing Project Management Professionalism and Culture in Your Company
Chapter 30. Management by Project of the Fast-Growing Organization in Dynamic Environment
Chapter 31. Project Management Using Earned Value Management
Chapter 32. It's a Long Road to Organizational Maturity Index

Biographical note

David Cleland has been called "the Father of Project Management." He is currently Professor Emeritus at the School of Engineering, University of Pittsburgh. Lewis Ireland has been with the Project Management Institute for two decades and is Director of Research for the American Society for the Advance of Project Management.

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