A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge

2004 Edition - englisches Original

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A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge
Autor: Project Management Institute
ISBN: 193069945X
Verlag: Project Management Institute
Jahr: 2004
Seitenanzahl: 388 Seiten
Medienart: brosch.
Preis: ca. 42,90 ÔéČ


It’s hard to imagine a time when A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) wasn’t around. Yet, just twenty years ago, PMI volunteers first sat down to distill the project management body of knowledge. Their hard work eventually became the PMBOK® Guide, now considered one of the most essential tools in the profession and is the de facto global standard for the industry. With more than a million copies of the PMBOK® Guide - 2000 Edition in use, PMI has received numerous positive comments and suggestions for improvements. Methodical updates occur on a four-year cycle to ensure PMI’s commitment to continually improve and revise the information contained in this essential reference manual. So how do you make the best even better? PMI is doing this by once again setting the bar higher and raising the level of information included. Users will find a number of changes when they upgrade from the PMBOK® Guide - 2000 Edition. One of the most important changes is the criteria for included information, which evolved from "generally accepted on most projects, most of the time" to "generally recognized as good practice on most projects, most of the time." Unique to the PMBOK® Guide - Third Edition is the increased clarity and emphasis on processes, including highlighting that the five Process Groups are the key to the management of projects. Efforts also have been made to ensure better consistency of material within and between chapters and to make sure that all figures and tables throughout have been updated for clarity and completeness. Furthermore, an expanded index and glossary reflect the changes that the project management industry has seen during the four years since the previous edition. As the updated official standard of the world’s leading project management organization, PMBOK® Guide - Third Edition is an essential reference tool for every project management practitioner’s library.

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