Project Management for Business, Engineering, and Technology

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Project Management for Business, Engineering, and Technology
Autor: Nicholas, John M.; Steyn, Herman
ISBN: 750683996
Verlag: Butterworth-Heinemann
Jahr: 2008
Seitenanzahl: 707 Seiten
Medienart: brosch.
Preis: 48,10 €
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Introduction; Philosophy and Concepts: What Is Project Management?; Systems Approach and Systems Engineering; Systems Development Cycle:Systems Development Cycle and Project Conception; Project and System Definition; Systems and Procedures for Planning and Control: Planning Fundamentals; Project Time Planning and Networks; Advanced Network Analyses and Scheduling; Cost Estimating and Budgeting; Project Quality Management; Managing Risks in Projects; Project Execution and Control; Project Evaluation, Communication, Implementation, and Closeout; Organization Behavior: Project Organization Structure and Integration; Project Roles, Responsibility, and Authority;Managing Participation, Teamwork, and Conflict; Project Management in the Corporate Context: The Management of Project Management; Project Selection and Portfolio Management; International Project Management.


  • A unique systems approach to project management - no other books on project management address this important aspect in sufficient detail.
  • A strong balance between research/scholarship/state-of-the-art and pragmatic "how to do it" guidance for students.
  • New case studies with questions including: Proposal Evaluation for Apollo Spacecraft; Bridgecon Contractors (Cost-time tradeoff on a construction project); Ceiling Panel Collapse in the Big Dig Project; The Nelson Mandela Bridge (Risk management); SA Gold Mine: Earned Value After a Scope Change; The Big Dig: Boston’s Central Artery/Tunnel Project (stakeholder management); Maxim Corporation America (project management office, methodology, portfolio management); Mozal Project - International Investment in an Underdeveloped Country
  • This third edition contains new chapters on Project Quality Management, Managing Project Management, Managing Multiple Projects and International Project Management


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